Working out and Bachelorette Party?

Most wouldn’t think that Working Out and Bachelorette Party go hand in hand! And to be completely fair, fitness and partying do not! Read more to get to know how Bachelorette Parties at Socialcise helps!

However, how many of you have ever woken up with a killer hangover before? Yep, us too. Do you
know what one of the best ways to get rid of that is? You guessed it, exercising!

Would this Bachelorette Party help me cure my hangover?

First, let’s get the facts straight. No, you cannot actually “sweat” the alcohol out. But, what
working out does do to make you feel better is it releases endorphins (the “feel-good” ones) that
increase energy and your mood. It also increases alertness, relieves stress, increases your
blood flow, and helps relax and loosen your muscles and joints.

So that foggy feeling or spacey-ness can simply go away by exercise. That tiredness
that doesn’t seem to go away..BOOM, fixed!

Why Should I opt in for a workout as my Bachelorette Party?

Adding in a workout will get your crew ready to rumble for another day of festivities and help them bring their “A” game! No excuses!

But not all my friends are at the same fitness level…

Not a problem! You can create combo classes and incorporate different types of movement and
exercise. For example, you can do a Total Body Strength/ Pilates or Yoga class or a Water
Aerobics and Pilates combo, you can even do Zumba and HIIT combo
! When we say whatever
you want, we truly mean we will make anything you say happen.

Now as for the intensity, oftentimes, the entire group is all not on the same level of “fit”. Our Bachelorette parties are designed for everyone. No matter the type of class be able to accommodate
everyone! We will always have modifications for those who are in need, whether you are
pregnant, injured, recovering from an injury, etc. we will have the movements ready for you. You
will also always be able to move and work at your own pace. So, if you are feeling great and
want to go hard, go for it. But if you are not feeling the best and just want to move slow and
keep it light, that is just fine! We will always bring the motivation and encouragement you need
to either push yourself or just simply survive the workout.

Bachelorette parties and working out, but why?

Because we get it. We understand the hangovers, we understand it’s time to party and have the best time. So, we keep that party going for you during your workout. We create the playlist of your dreams, the class of your desire, the intensity, the type of class, everything is dedicated to what you want. We add in the option to make it a boozy class if you are looking to have more fun than a hard sweat and we will help you kick off the party once class is over! Your hard work will not go unseen with Socialcise AZ!