Bachelorette Yoga – Working out with Socialcise AZ

Bachelorette Yoga in Phoenix, AZ

Let’s face it when attending a bachelorette party, you bring your “A Game”. You are to celebrate
your bestie and have the time of your lives for 2,3, 4 sometimes 5 days straight! Nothing sounds
better than that! Well..until you wake up with a wild hangover and are not quite entirely sure how
you are going to rally for the remainder of the day or weekend. Or if you are just looking for a fun
group activity for you all to participate in, or if you’re just a fitness enthusiast who wants to keep up
with your goals while out of town! That’s why you call Socialcise AZ!


Yoga Session

We are here to serve you with all your fitness and health needs. One of the amazing classes we
offer is Bachelorette Yoga. To start, you can choose from either a standard Flow,
Sculpt (which incorporates light weights) or our new class, Pool (which is highly
recommended during our summer months of June- September as it. Gets. HOT.)

How To Get Started?

After choosing the class of your choice, we now get to make the class specific to your bach
group! We will get your music preference, intensity preference, sound bowl and mimosa bar
options, and more. This is all to create the yoga class of your dreams.

Once we get those details, we send over an invoice, and you are all set to go! It’s time to sit
back and relax because your planning is done and in our hands!

Event Day

On the day of your class, we arrive about 10-15 minutes before to start setting up. We bring all
the equipment necessary, along with a few fun surprises. All we need from you is your beautiful
faces and maybe a bottle of water to have handy!

All classes are 60 minutes long, including a warm-up and cool-down.

So Why Yoga?

Bachelorette Yoga is an incredible way to get a great workout in and can accommodate to all
fitness levels. Even if some of your group is brand new to yoga, they will still be able to
participate and enjoy your yoga session. For those who have had a long night out the night
before, this is a perfect way to sweat it out, lose those muscles and joints, and get in the right
mental/headspace to perk you up for another day of activities! You won’t be running a
marathon, but you will still be feeling the (good) burn and work of your lower and upper body
and core. It will be the perfect balance of helping you wake up, but not making you too tired and

Why Choose Socialcise AZ?

Our classes are always filled with laughs, good times, and new memories and we look forward to
See you at yours!